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2nd Annual Festival of the Mind Comes to a close with            

 BEN PRIDMORE of the UK  Crowned World Memory Champion 2008  


BAHRAIN:  (26th October 2008): Hailed as the most successful ever, the 17th World Memory Championships ended today with Ben Pridmore of the UK, being declared as the World Memory Champion 2008.   The event took place for the second consecutive year in Bahrain as part of Bahrain’s ‘Festival of the Mind 2008’, which has been held for the last 4 days, hosted by INTELNACOM, Bahrain under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Fawaz Bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.


Almost 50 competitors from 15 countries took part over three days in the most comprehensive test of memory in the world taking part in ten different memory disciplines. These include Spoken numbers; One Hour Cards; Historic / Future Dates; Binary Numbers; Random Words; Abstract Images; Names and Faces; Hour Number; Speed Number and lastly Speed Cards.  Ben Pridmore, world ranked number one, beat last year’s World Champion Dr Gunther Karsten from Germany into Silver Medal position with Johannes Mallow from Germany taking the Bronze Medal position.


Mr Tony Buzan, founder of the World Memory Championship announced the results saying:  “This has been a record breaking year in more ways than one with Bahrain beating the record for hospitality – an Olympian performance.   We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors INTELNACOM, for hosting the event once again, and an especial thank you for having helped make this event such an astonishing success.”  


Mr Buzan went on to say that the event has also be record breaking with the greatest number of finalists from the most wide range of countries ever,  including Austria, Australia, China, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, USA, England, Wales, Sweden, Norway, Malaysia & Hong Kong.   He said,   “Not only have we had the largest number of competitors ever, but we have also seen a number of records broken in Abstract Images, Speed Number, Historic Dates (with two world records broken) and Random Words”   


A number of competitors broke barriers that only a few years ago, people had assumed would never be reached, equivalent to the 4 minute mile in athletics or the 7 ft barrier in the high jump.

For example, Johannes Mallow from Germany memorized, in a mere15 minutes, and perfectly, 110 historic dates, this is more than the average good student remembers in a year of studying history.  In the Random Words discipline, Boris Konrad from Germany memorized 255 in 15 minutes.  


Mind games played a big part in the festival too and members of the public as well as active players in the Bahrain Mind Games Association, were involved in tournaments of Chess, Scrabble, Dama and Sudoku.  In addition Bahrain Schools were given the opportunity to show their skills collectively in mind games by competing in an inter-schools challenge.  Pupils from the British School, Al Hekma School, Muharraq School and East Riffa closely fought the battle for the Inter-School Sport Challenge, Mind Games Champions, entering teams to play Chess, Scrabble, Dama and Sudoku.    The result of that was……  ??? emerging as the winning team


Mr Fuad Mubarak, Deputy CEO of INTELNACOM drew the Festival to a close by saying:  “Once again it has been a great pleasure to hold the World Memory Championship in the Kingdom of Bahrain and we warmly thank our patron Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa for his support of these memory athletes from all over the world.  We know that this Festival is a great encouragement to those who are keen to develop their mind skills and every year we see more and more people take up the challenge to improve their memory and expand the capability of their brain – we are keen to help them learn in a pleasant fun way and call it ‘The Brain Edu-tainment Festival.”


INTELNACOM is an innovation company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and focuses on rewarding opportunities offered by emerging high-tech innovation.  INTELNACOM actively seeks to identify, develop, fund and bring-to-market concepts and ideas by combining an entrepreneurial outlook with a vision to create bankable solutions for mankind.

 Issued on behalf of INTELNACOM by PR and Event Management Company, MICE Management, Bahrain. A For further information, please contact Carol Melrose, on Bahrain telephone number +973 39608905.


In Abstract Images, Dr Gunther Karsten, the current World Memory Champion, broke the record he set last year in the German Memory Championships where he achieved a raw score of 244, with an amazing new record of 276.

The World Record for Speed Number has been broken by  Johannes Mallow GM from Germany. The original record of 396 digitis in 5 minutes was set by Andi Bell in Germany in 2007. Today, in his second trial, Johannes has smashed this with a score of 405.

In the Historic and Future Dates Discipline, Johannes Mallow GM achieved the top score of 110.5 beating his own previous world record of 99. Hot on his heels is current championship leader Ben Pridmore with 100.5 – also a World Record. 

In the Random Words discipline, the current World Record holder, Boris Konrad of Germany pushed up the bar to take the record from 227 word memorised in 15 minutes, to an impressive 255, gaining him 1020 championship points. 

STOP PRESS – NEWS RELEASED 13.30 local time Bahrain  Saturday 25th

In the second discipline on Day Two of the competition a further TWO NEW WORLD RECORDS have been achieved – making a total of four new world records so far. In the Historic and Future Dates Discipline, Johannes Mallow GM achieved the top score of 110.5 beating his own previous world record of 99. Hot on his heels is current championship leader Ben Pridmore with 100.5 – also a World Record.  In Bronze Medal position is Boris Konrad with 69.5. Su Ruiqiao in 4th achieved 65.5 and World Champion Dr Gunther Karsten 5th had 62.  This makes, on the current championship leader board, in first place Ben Pridmore with 4854, second place Johannes Mallow – 4641 and in third place Gunther Karsten with 4072.

 Released 10.28 local time Bahrain Saturday 25th October - Second World Record achieved.

The second trial of theSpeed Number event has now taken place the results have been released. The World Record for Speed Cards has been broken by  Johannes Mallow GM from Germany. The original record of 396 digitis in 5 minutes was set by Andi Bell in Germany in 2007. Today, in his second trial, Johannes has smashed this with a score of 405. In second place was Ben Pridmore with a score of 336 and in third place was Liu Ping GM with 300. Gunther Karsten regained his form to achieve 4th place with a score of 280. 

This means that that the championships points are now Ben  Pridmore with 3749, Second place Johannes Mallow with 3425 and Dr Gunther Karsten in  third place with 3390.

Following Speed Numbers will be Historic/ Future Dates, Random Words and finally the marathon Hour Cards. With some competitors planning to memorise 33 decks of cards, we could potentially see new records set later today.

At the end of Day One of the competition, four of the ten disciplines have now been completed, Abstract Images, Binary Number, Names and Faces and Hour Number.

Already there is excitement as a World Record was broken in the very first disicpline. Dr Gunther Karsten, the current World Memory Champion, broke the record he set last year in the German Memory Championships where he achieved a raw score of 244, with an amazing new record of 276. Silver medal went to Boris Konrad with a score of 208 and Ben Pridmore of the UK, current World Ranked Number One and two times World Memory Champion, achieved Bronze with 188.

In the Binary Number event, it was Ben Pridmore who came first in this discipline with Yip Swe Chooi in Silver and Chuanwei Guo in Bronze. Gunther, whilst retaining the lead in the championships, dropped to 4th.

After lunch, the Names and Faces discipline saw some new faces at the top with Boris Konrad in Gold, Corinna Draschl in Silver and Dorothea Seiz in Bronze. Surprisingly Ben dropped to 11th and Gunther was 13th.

However it was all to change in the final discipline of the day, the marathon Hour Number. This time Ben regained momentum to win Gold. Su Ruiqiao from China was Silver and Yip Swe Chooi from Malaysia was Bronze.

For full scores click on the “Day One Results” link.

To contact the Press Room at the Championships in Bahrain call +44 7802 211587 To contact Global Media Director, Raymond Keene OBE in the UK call +44 207 228 7009

Press Release – Friday 24th October 15.56 local time Bahrain

The publicity surrounding the 17th World Memory Championships is attracting interest and support from businesses around the globe. Now, following the support of US Games Systems, who have provided the 1,500 playing cards used in the event, and in addition to the US$30,000 of prize money on offer to the worlds top memorisers provided by the main sponsors, Intelnacom,  competitors learnt today of a further US$20,000 of additional prizes provided by UK software company, Buzan On-Line, the creators of the Mind Mapping programme iMindMap.  Chris Griffiths, director of the company and the brains behind this revolutional programme, arrived in Bahrain today with copies of it to present to every competitor.  iMind Map is the only Mind Maping software endorsed by the inventor of the technique, Tony Buzan, and a great aid to any student of memory.

Further information,



17th Annual World Memory Championship takes place in Bahrain

 as part of the Festival of the Mind.


On on the evening of Thursday 23rd October, dignitaries and guests attended the opening ceremony of the Festival of the Mind, Bahrain 2008 and the 17th World Memory Championships taking place at the Gulf International Convention Centre, Gulf Hotel, Bahrain.   The event, created and hosted by INTELNACOM, Bahrain took place under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Fawaz Bin Mohamed Al Khalifa,  The Honourable President of the General Organization of Youth and Sports (GOYS), who led the attending delegation.


More than 70 competitors from 14 different countries are taking part in the World Memory Championship which is a remarkable accomplishment of memory skills and it is expected that the Festival of the Mind will once again attract thousands of visitors.  


H.E. Sheikh Fawaz congratulated the hosts, INTELNACOM on putting on this event once again for the benefit of Bahrain and  welcomed the participants to the Memory Championship saying:  “The Kingdom of Bahrain is proud to present The Festival of the Mind and to play hosts to these champions of memory,  it is indeed a pleasure to welcome competitors from all over the world to our beautiful Kingdom.  With so many competitors on board, we feel sure the competition will be very exciting and challenging and we wish everyone success.”  


Interest in the mind sport of memory has grown enormously since the inception of the championship 17 years ago in the UK by Tony Buzan and Ray Keene, and Bahrain has attracted the largest number of competitors ever this year with over 70 registered to compete.


The three day competition will start this morning (24th October 2008, and at the same time the Festival is open to the public to play mind games, visit an exhibition of learning and take part in workshops that develop mind skills by leading speakers from and outside Bahrain.


The competition promises to be exciting with a number of past champions all vying for the title.   Competitors are tested on ten different disciplines, some lasting up to three hours. The competitor with the highest score combined score from all the disciplines will be crowned the World Memory Champion 2008.  The disciplines include memorising  playing cards, binary numbers, historic and future dates, names and faces, random words and spoken numbers.  Current records include memorising :

3705 binary digits in one hour;

1040 numbers in 30 minutes

1197 playing cards in one hour

198 spoken numbers in 300 seconds

199 random words in 15 minutes

One randomly shuffled pack of 52 cards in just 32.13 seconds


INTELNACOM is an innovation company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and focuses on rewarding opportunities offered by emerging high-tech innovation.  INTELNACOM actively seeks to identify, develop, fund and bring-to-market concepts and ideas by combining an entrepreneurial outlook with a vision to create bankable solutions for mankind.

The World Memory Championships welcomes US Games Systems Inc as the new sponsor of the playing cards for the 2008 competition. Some 1,500 packs of cards have been shipped to Bahrain for the event which are used in two of the competiton disciplines. Top competitors can memorise in excess of 30 packs of cards in one hour. A big Thank You to US Games Systems for their support of the Mind Sport of Memory.

WMC 2008 Update – Monday 20th October 4pm.

Things are going reasonably well for the preparations for the largest ever World Memory Championships (73 entrants from 14 countries competing in 7 languages).  We have had some last minute challenges with the venue, logistics and timetabling and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to work through things. 

To make it possible to hold the closing ceremony on Sunday we kept the competition sequence the same but changed the events on days one and two. 

In hindsight and following valuable feedback from a number of top competitors, we agree that it is hard to attempt shorter disciplines after the energy draining ‘marathon’ events.  Therefore, we have swapped the order of the last two events on Friday and Saturday making the longer events  the last items on the schedule. (This will also mean that competitors that finish their recall early on the last event can leave the venue early).  

We apologise for the short notice of the timetable changes.  Despite planning for the awards ceremony to take place on Monday, we were forced to change the official close and dinner to Sunday evening  to meet the demands of protocol as required for such a major international event in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  

Regrettably, this meant we needed to reduce the number of events on Sunday to allow time to finalise marking and prepare certificates, awards and, of course, the cheques for the closing ceremony. 

The good news is that for those competitors who have booked an extra night’s accommodation, you now have a proper opportunity to sightsee, enjoy Bahrain and relax on Monday.

The final schedule is as follows:- 

Friday 24th
1. Abstract Images
2. Binary Numbers
3. Names and Faces
4. Hour Numbers  (changed)

Saturday 25th
5. Speed Number (2 trials)
6. Historic and Future Dates
7. Random Words 
8. Hour Cards  (changed)
Sunday 26th
9. Spoken Numbers (100, 200 & 300 digits)
10. Speed Cards (2 trials)

7:00pm Closing Ceremony

Note – the Trip to the Formula One Circuit, plus shopping and sightseeing will take place as planned on Monday

Competitors are asked to arrive by the evening of Wednesday 22nd October.

Thursday 23rd October

12:00noon – 2:00pm Arbiter Training

Morning: Registration / Press and television interviews

2:30pm to 4:30pm: Competitor Briefing (in main competition room)

Thursday 7:00pm: Opening Ceremony / Dinner (Dress code – Smart)

The Australian Memory Championships Photo Gallery. Click here

For the latest Press Releases and stories about the 2008 World Memory Championships please visit the “Press Room” link on this site.

Registration for the 2008 World Memory Championships is now closed with  a record 74 competitors officially registered. This will be the largest gathering of the world’s top memorisers in history.

National Memory Sports Council of Nigeria

The World Memory Sports Council would like to welcome a the new National Memory Sports Council of Nigeria as the latest country to formally embrace the Mind Sport of Memory. Led by President Adeniji Adeniyi Emmanuel, Nigeria is fielding a team of six competitors in the 2008 Wordl Memory Chmapionships. They are Bassey Mfon Ini, Adetayo Akinsanwo Cosmos, Badmus Muhammed, Adegboyega Malik Adebayo, Olusola Akin and Yusuf Abdulahi. We are also grateful for the team of ten arbiters who also coming to support the event.

Australian Memory Championships versus the AFL Grand Final

Two Great Competitions on One Weekend
Wow, what an event it was! Throngs of people turned out to watch real champions do what they do best. The competition was tight right from the start, with the lead changing quickly and rapidly in the opening rounds. It is fair to say that everyone was on the edge of their seats with excitement, as the athletes showed their mettle.
Okay, so we’re talking about the Australian Football League Grand Final, not the 8th Annual Australian Open Memory Championships, but that doesn’t mean the competition wasn’t great. With competitors from Melbourne, Sydney and Hong Kong coming into the Gold Coast to participate, the competition was small and the participants first class.

It was difficult to predict who would win – the first four events each had a different event winner. Ultimately, Tansel Ali claimed the title of Australian Memory Champion, with a total of 2801 Championship Points, and Lee Tai Yiu (Hong Kong) was the overall winner with 2864 Points.
The top points were:-
Lee Tai Yiu (Hong Kong) 2864 – Well done!!
Tansel Ali (Melbourne) 2801 – three personal bests
Chris Lyons (Sydney) 1974 – four personal bests. The names and faces guru!
Karen Cheung Chor Kwan (Hong Kong) 1750 – nearly doubled her previous attempt.
The Australian competition is always a fun, friendly event and 2008 was no exception.  Congratulations to all who competed and supported the event.
Running the competition for the 8th time now was Jennifer Goddard (Convenor), Director of the Buzan Centre: Aust/NZ and Bill Jarrard (Chief Arbiter) of Mindwerx International, ably supported by Debbie Jarrard.
The competition was held for the first time in Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. Our host for the weekend was QIBA –  Queensland International Business Academy, and we’d like to thank Lynn, Kevin and everyone at QIBA for their support.

Results from the first French Open Memory Competition

Congratulations to Françoise Thuillier for successfully holding the first memory competitions in France, the Open de Maisons-Laffitte.

1st winner:    Ben Pridmore           5 499 points

2nd:                Gaby Kappus            4 255 points

3rd:                Idriz Zogaj                 1 882 points

4th:                François Farzaneh    1 058 points

5th:                Olivier Boucher           267 points


The next event in France will be the 1st French Championships, January 10-11th, in Maisons-Laffitte.

Important announcement to all competitors from the Chief Arbiter, Phil Chambers

After careful consideration and consultation with a number of the top ranked competitors the World Memory Sports Council has decided to set the quantities of data provided at the 2008 WMC as follows:

Historic Dates: 120 events
Names and Faces: 110 faces (ie 220 names)
Abstract Images: 60 rows

These modest increases are due to the unexpectedly strong performances in recent competitions. The figures apply for the WMC only. After the event the following issues will be discussed:

Millennium Standards for National, International and World Championships.
Penalty point rules for Names and Faces, Dates and Abstract Images.
Quantities of data to be supplied in National, International and World Championships.

If competitors would like to add other issues for discussion they should email:

We welcome the Global Tourism Club as the Official Travel Partner for the 2008 World Memory Championships

The Global Toursim Club is also a sponsor of this years Championship. Based in Bahrain they are ideally suited to help competitors with their individual travel and accommodation needs, GTC is able to negotiate the best prices for flights, hotels, apartments, hostels, sightseeing and transfers. When speaking to them, do mention the Festival of the Mind to identify you. Just click on the link on the “Competitor Information” page


Information on accommodation in Bahrain for competitors can be found on

PLEASE NOTE – Any competitors wishing to stay at the Gulf Hotel should book before September 13th when the rooms being held will be released.

The second UK Memory Championship – 4 New World Records

In a very successful competition over the weekend we have seen World Class performances that put even Team GB’s performance at the Olympics in the shade:

World Ranking Changes:

Ben moves from number two, back to World Ranked Number One (the top spot was taken from him by Gunther Karsten in the 2007 German Championships)

– Ben has 7798 championship points against Gunther’s 7631.

With a score of 6356, Boris Konrad moves into the top ten in the world (from 11 place to 9th place). This means Dominic O’Brien, for the first time ever, finds himself outside the top 10!

Katie Kermode, in only her second competition moves up 20 places from world ranking 46 to 26th place (with a score of 4383) – Katie is predicted to rival Astrid Plessl from Austria (the greatest Woman Mnemonist to date). – And she’s British!

See the article about the UK Open Memory Championships featuring Bronze Medallist Katie Kermode in the London Times Newspaper by clicking on the link;

Read the aricle featuring BEN PRIDMORE at the UK Open Memory Championships by clicking on

Trophies:  Gold – UK Open Champion 2008 – Ben Pridmore Runner up (UK Competitors) – Katie Kermode (overall 4th place) Bronze (UK Competitors) – James Ponder (overall 5th) Best International competitor – Boris Konrad (overall 2nd)

A special mention should be made to Gaby Kappus – The top females competitor in overall 3rd place (not eligible for a trophy as she is second placed international competitor)

World Records:

5 minute random words – Boris Konrad 106 words (previous record 84 held by fellow German Johannes Mallow)

5 minute Binary numbers – Ben Pridmore 930 digits (Ben attempted 930 and recalled them perfectly – no errors) – Ben previously held the record with 795.

15 minute numbers – Ben Pridmore 819 digits (previous record 700 held by Clemens Mayer) – This score also beats the Millennium Standard of 800.

10 minute cards – Ben Pridmore 364 cards (attempted and perfectly recalled 7 decks) – previous record 312 also held by Ben – This score also beats the Millennium Standard of 333.

5 minute Historic and Future Dates – Ben Pridmore 91 – Not a world record but just beats the millennium standard.

Speed Cards interesting observation:

Gold – Boris – 54.41 seconds

Silver – Gaby – 54.50 seconds

Bronze – Ben – 56.41 seconds

Note only 9 hundredths of a second between Boris and Gaby. (Ben is slower as he need to make certain of the pack to clinch the top spot in the World Rankings).



There is still time to get Brain Fit in 2008!  Tony Buzan will be presenting two of his most popular courses at Henley Business School, Henley-on-Thames:


·         MIND MAPPING (R)  Tuesday 9 December 2008

·        SPEED READING Wednesday 10 December 2008 

Book now to avoid disappointment! Visit for full course details.  

Some of the dates already in the diary for 2009: 

·         Buzan Licensed Instructor: Mind Mapping (become a certified Mind Map(R) trainer at this intensive residential course) 26-29 January, 8-11 June, 24-27 August

·         Mind Mapping (R) 3 March, 14 July, 6 Oct (all in UK)  3 November, New York

·         Speed Reading 5 March, 16 July, 8 October (all in UK)  5 November, New York

·         Memory 4 March, 15 July, 7 October (all in UK)  4 November, New York 

·         Mind Maps in Business 6 March, 17 July, 9 October (all in UK), 6 November, New York (this session is delivered by Hilde Jaspaert, Tony’s Master Buzan Trainer, Europe)

      The New Memory Arbiters Handbook

Filament Publishing, who published the Memory Yearbook for the Mind Sport of Memory, have now published a pocket handbook for Artbiters and Competition Organisers. It costs £7.50 can cen be purchased from the WMSC by clicking on the link   The Arbiters Handbook is also avaiable as a ebook download.

An insight into the Ten Memory Disciplines

Jennifer Goddard, President of the Australian Memory Sports Council and the only Level Three arbiter in the world, has produced an excellent series of ten streamed video to explain the The Memory Disciplines. They can be viewed on

French Memory Competition

The next competition in France will be the 1st French Championships, January 10-11th, in Maisons-Laffitte.


The event will be in French, English and German and will be supervised by WMSC Chief Arbiter Phil Chambers. The organiser is Françoise Thuillier who can be contacted on

Welcome to new countries

The Worlds Memory Sports Council welcomes the Phillippines, France, Poland, Slovenia, India and Lithuania as the latest countries to form their own National Memory Sports Council to promote and administer the Mind Sports of Memory. We welcome them on board and look forward to supporting them with thier first memory competitions.


HANNAH WARD (14) of Roade School Sports College, Roade, Northampton has just been crowned the first UK Schools Memory Champion

The competition is the brainchild of eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O’Brien, Chief Arbiter of the World Memory Sports Council PhilChambers and Tony Buzan, co-founder of the World Memory Championship, best selling international author and lecturer on the Brain and its workings – all renowned figures in the world of Mind Sports.

It’s been a tense and nail-biting time for over 300 secondary school students as they waited for the judges to announce the overall winners of the very first Schools Memory Championship, with the Awards ceremony for the winners held at The Park Inn Hotel, Northampton, on Monday 2nd June.

Joining Gold Medal winner Hannah Ward on the podium, were Silver Medallist DAVID LUCK (14) from Huxlow Science College, Wellingborough and Bronze winner ELLEN BILTCLIFFE (14) from Magdalen College School, Brackley. The competition is sponsored by Aimhigher, a national government initiative to encourage students into higher education. The Aimhigher programme is run by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), with support from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS). Inspire, the Ascot-based educational and training consultancy, and has been co-ordinating the event.

“The UK Schools Memory Championship has been created to help pupils discover the Mind Sport of Memory and to develop their mental skills to aid them with their studies,” explains competition co-founder Dominic O’Brien. “The five Memory disciplines have been chosen to closely correspond with those of the World Memory Championship, whilst being easily transferable to school subjects. “With exam success dependent on making good use of one’s memory, mastering memorisation techniques early on is a great platform for success” adds Dominic.

USA Memory Championships

The 2008 USA Memory Championships were  held on Saturday March 8th in Con Edison’s headquarters at 4 Irving Place in New York, USA. Please join us in congratulating our seven Finalists:  Chester Santos, Paul Mellor, Ram Kolli, Ronnie White, Jenny Frielle, Daniel Naftalovich and Brice Morey!!! The new USA Memory Champion is Chester Santos and the new USA Memory Champion Team is Hershey. Press inquiries…please contact Renee Sall of Maximum Exposure PR for additional information at 201-315-4337. The results of the USA Memory Championship are not included in the WMSC world rankings as a non standard competition format us used. 

Australian Memory Championships  27 and 28th September, 2008. Gold Coast, Queensland. Further details will be sent out as soon as possible. 

The first Memory Yearbook 2008

The Official handbook for the Mind Sport of Memory 

The World Memory Sports Council, the governing body for the Mind Sport of Memory, is proud to announce the publication of the very first Memory Yearbook 2008. For anyone involved in the sport at a competitive level, this new book is an essential.Every memory competition recognised by the WMSC, is included with the results from each discipline. The full World Rankings are included as are the list of all Grand Masters of Memory.

There are articles from and about the top memorisers in the world plus essential information for anyone wanting to organise a memory competition, including a detailed description of each of the ten memory disciplines

There are reports on the year from the National Memory Sports Councils around the world complete with many photographs of competitions and the personalities in the sport. If you have participated in a memory competition during 2007, you are in the book! 

The book also looks back at the way the sport first started with articles for the two founders, Ray Keene OBE and Tony Buzan.  There is also information on becoming a member of the International Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters. 

The book will be available from early 2008 and can be obtained from the World Memory or the Buzan websites price £15 (USD $30) plus post an packing within the UK of £2. Pre-orders are now being accepted and will posted out as soon as the first copies are received. Email the secretary.


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