Our thoughts and memories will stay in our minds forever, all of them, good and bad. The mistakes, embarrassing incidents, false and untrue information, fears and phobias, childhood, laughter, love and happy times. They are all there forever, although we may at times have difficulty recalling them at will.
Repeating something, then recalling it the next day, starts to make a `groove` in the brains pathways. Each time that we recall something it deepens the `groove`, and if this happens many times it will seem permanently `etched` into our brain.
Elderly people often say `I can remember things from many years ago, even way back to childhood, far better than what happened last week.` But this does not mean their memory is faulty. For so long as it is healthy it is as good as it ever was.
It is just that most older people feel a lot of pleasure in thinking back over their lives and `reliving` events and experiences. Each time they do so it keeps those memory `grooves` fresher than…







There are Herbs that
can enhance your powers of memory and concentration.

The demands on us
as individuals are high and the pressure to perform at our best is ever
present. Success in professional and social situations comes easier to those
who are able to focus, concentrate and learn information quickly.

To be able to
express our personality and sparkle in conversation, we must fluently and
speedily recall the information we have learned. Not just in a rote fashion,
but with the ability to pluck gems of loosely connected information from our
mind, and to bring it all together in inspired flashes of inventive, creative,
witty, conversation.

Having developed
our skills to be at the best that our natural potential can be, it would be sad
to lose it all simply through neglect of keeping our brain and nervous system

Including herbs in
our daily regime is one way in which we can offer our body assistance to help
it to stay healthier.

Here is a list of
herbs that contain the qualities that we are looking for.

A tree which has
existed for millions of years, and which has been used since ancient times for
its ability to improve memory and concentration. Clinical studies have used
Ginkgo to address cerebral insufficiency, which often affects an individual
with absent mindedness, poor memory, lack of concentration, decreased physical
performance, etc., Ginkgo has also been studied for its ability to change
positively age-related memory impairment.

Siberian Ginseng. Used to support the immune system and assist the body in dealing
with stress. When taken in combination with Ginkgo it enhances the benefits
that Ginkgo offers.

Has the ability to
improve the circulation and to support the central nervous system. It acts as a
catalyst herb for other herbs which are more specific in addressing memory and
concentration. Helping them to do their work more effectively.

Gotu Kola. This herb is suggested for improving ones thought clarity and
memory. It is also considered excellent for promoting a feeling of calm and
stress relief.

Ho Shou Wu. In traditional Chinese medicine, Ho Shou Wu is considered an
excellent tonic herb which supports and calms the nervous system. It is
considered appropriate for increasing energy levels due to its nutritive

Linden. Linden flowers are often recommended for their
soothing actions and ability to focus restlessness into productive

Rosemary. An excellent antioxidant herb which has traditionally been used to
enhance and improve memory capabilities. It is considered a very good brain
`tonic` when used often, and is recommended when addressing headaches,
especially those of a nervous tension origin.

One of the very best
sources available for minerals. Kelp supplies the body with many of the
nutrients required by all body systems, including the brain. When adequate
supplies of vitamins and minerals are available the body can function at a
better level, and in the case of mental clarity, that means better mental

Considered to
be a very good nervine herb which offers relief from anxiety and tension. A
cerebral relaxant that helps to calm a stressful day.

Peppermint. A traditional herb that is always a topic of research study.
Peppermint is useful for tension headaches. It is also considered helpful in
promoting mental clarity.

Rehmannia. This is often used as a tonic in traditional Chinese medicine to
relieve nervousness and calm the heart. It is also believed to act preventively
against senility.

Skullcap. An excellent herb which offers relief from nervous irritability
and tension. It is considered specific for reducing worry and anxiety, thus
allowing for clearer and more precise thinking processes.

Herbs should be a part of a healthy diet and lifestyle plan, which
also includes adequate exercise and relaxation techniques. This information is
intended for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat
or cure. 







From the moment of
birth we start to memorize every experience instinctively, because it is only
by comparing what is happening now, with what has happened in similar
situations, that we can begin to make sense of the world.

Visual, smell,
sound, touch, taste, movement, balance, falling, pain, hunger, fear, comfort
and pleasure.

`I like this taste
its my favorite`,  `It hurt real bad when I touched that hot kettle`.
`That`s my mothers voice, I like her to be close to me`,

These first
experiences are essential for survival, and so they are stored in a part of the
brain where they can always be quickly and instinctively recalled.

As the years go by
we acquire millions of facts, and countless relationships, conversations, and
good and bad experiences. And these we often store away in a messy, untidy heap
somewhere in our brain, from where it requires a huge effort to recall it.
However, the key memory compartments will always be those that nature has
genetically designed for us to hold memories essential to our survival.

Later we will see
how to make new memories easy to recall, by linking them by imagination and
association with our unforgettable instinctive memories.

Also, we will
investigate, and show how to overcome, a major reason for jumbled thinking and
scrambled memories …. that as we grow from childhood to maturity, some of our
painful emotional experiences will make us suffer a loss of confidence in our

Leaving us with
that self fulfilling prophesy `I don’t think I can do





Believe nothing because a wise man said it,

Believe nothing
because it is generally held,

Believe nothing
because it is written,

Believe nothing
because it is said to be divine,

Believe nothing
because someone else believes it,

But believe only
what you yourself judge to be true.

The Buddha.

Wisdom is the
greatest gift of all

Yet only the
Creator of the Universe can be all knowing.

The best that we
can strive for is enough wisdom to enjoy life, and in some way enrich the lives
of others.

The Zen
understanding, at its very essence, is that the mind is unreliable, it changes
throughout life as it accumulates a mixture of true and sometime false
information,  from which `knowledge` the mind basis its attitudes,
opinions, and ideas.

Whereas `no-mind`
is always the same ; unpolluted.

The entire Universe
is Zen, doing things and working according to the way things are, and not being
influenced by any false information, attitudes and beliefs.

To be in Zen is to
not be separated or different from the world, rather it is to be in harmony, so
that the person becomes the river, and knows what it feels like to be a river,
and the river is the person,  for everything is alive and a part of the










Hi, my name is
Simon Freeman, and I would like to share with you a wonderful experience that
has had a profound effect on my life.

It happened while I
was studying in America.
News had spread around the University campus that there was to be a gathering
in the sports stadium to hear a Tibetan monk tell us how to use Zen meditation
to improve our ability to learn new information and remember it.

Most of the students, like myself, knew very little about Zen and
had never tried meditation, and so we went along really out of curiosity.

After a while a
very old Tibetan monk walked calmly out before us, introduced himself as Kamana
Lasang, and then much to the astonishment of the huge crowd of onlookers,
started singing. He was accompanied by two gaily dressed Tibetan women, one
playing a flute as the other finger tapped a rhythm on drums.

Then Kamana began
to dance. Slowly at first but then speeding up. It was rather like an energetic
Greek or Russian folk dance. Everyone was spellbound,  for Kamana was 78
years old, yet dancing with all the enthusiasm of a 17 year old. We really were
astonished as he kept on and on with such vitality, energy and agility.

The music then
slowed down but hardly pausing for breath Kamana went about persuading people
from the audience to join him.

Soon there were
about 28 young people out there trying to pick up the steps and join in the

Gradually, as they
were able to follow Kamana and move and kick in time with the music, the dance
began to speed up. Faster and faster Kamana danced until it became a real

Soon the pace got
too much for some people and amid howls of laughter from friends … they fell
exhausted to the ground.

One by one they
dropped out … yet Kamana went on and on … as strong as ever. Finally,
Kamana held up the arm of the last remaining dancer … and declared him the

The crowd cheered
noisily, and when silence returned Kamana spoke. `It is a great honor for me to
be invited to talk to you today,  for you are all the most important
people in the world. You are important because you are the young generation,
and so the future of the world is to be your responsibility. Your need for
knowledge will be endless, yet every question answered will give rise to a
hundred more questions.

But you do not have
to travel alone. Over the past ages there have been those who`s thoughts and
questions have been rewarded with flashes of inspiration. And it is sparks from
bright minds that bring light to the rest of humanity, flashes to light up the
darkness of the unknown.

It can be like
someone holding a candle on a dark and dangerous path, and a little way ahead
someone else holds a lighted candle … and all along the path there are people
holding candles … helping us all to find our way forward by their light.

Some of you in your
lifetime may have a wonderful thought and inspiration, some of you here today
may light up the way for future generations.

Life in this age is
highly competitive and you are under pressure to achieve more, earn more and
learn more. And this will seem to be an impossible task. Lectures and studies
to attend, revising for exams, learning new languages and trying to also enjoy
some fun and friendship.

However, it is
important for you to know that you are living on earth to attain spiritual
development, and not to be merely a beast of burden, or a robot on the
treadmill of some production line.

So I am pleased to
show you how Zen meditation  can enable you to clear your mind of self
doubt, allowing you to think better, remember better, and so be able to enjoy
life more.

But first, let me show you how you can make it much easier to
remember things simply by forming associations and linking what needs to be
remembered with visual images that are easy to recall.

See how easy it is
to use your imagination. 









Most people cast their
memories into a labyrinth of caves and tunnels, and then have great difficulty
recalling them.

It is much easier finding
your way in and out of caves if you leave a trail of ribbon behind you. And
this is what we can do with our memories. We can, by a little imagination, use
simple stories and visual images to blaze the trail when we need to recall the

And it is a lot easier than
it may at first seem, because, as you must have noticed with your own memory,
you only have to trigger a little recognition …. and the whole memory can
come pouring out.

It can for instance be
helpful to jog your memory by using the alphabet, illustrated by imagination,
and connected to as many existing memories as possible.

Ant, Bee,
Dragon, Egg, Fire, Goose, House,
Ice, Jester, Kite, Leaves, Music, New, Owl, Panda, Question, Rain, Seeds, Tea,
Unicorn, Vulture, Water, X, Yoga, Zen.

You have just been introduced
to 15 people and you will have to meet them all again next week. It would be
nice, and create a good impression, if you could remember all their names.

A couple of times a day you
imagine them doing strange and amusing things.

David = is
scared by a

David = is scared by a Dragon.

Yvonne = with leotard on is in a Yoga position.

Emma = juggling Eggs.

Linda = kicking up autumn Leaves.

Mike = Music,
singing into a microphone.

Sue = putting Seeds
into a window box.

Terry = bringing you a cup of Tea.

Fiona = shouts Fire,,
everyone out.

Ann = has Ants
running on her desk.

Pat = has collection box to save the Panda.

June = wearing Jesters
costume, bell on her hat.

Richard = standing in the Rain soaking wet.

Kate = flying a Kite.

Peter = like the Panda, fussy eater, refuses the biscuits.

Nigel = New
red shoes on, very odd.     

use `Chakras` in oriental healing, and because they have images attributed to
them we can also use them to  effectively visualize and remember






In yoga and oriental healing
we use chakras. These are energy centres upon the body that affect health and
emotions. Each chakra is given a color as this helps in some healing methods.

Animal, planet, and
personality images are also attributed to each chakra, and just as in western
astrology, these can help discover a persons personality type or present mood
and emotions.

The chakra are very easily
adapted by the memory user to attribute visual images to whatever needs to be

= Black/
tripes = Zen = nothingness, beware of illusions.

= Red = Bull

= physical strength, anger, danger, passion.

= Orange = Dolphin

= sociable, adventurous, sense of fun.

= Yellow = Ram

non-violent yet willing to fight to protect

= Green = Dove

= hope, love, peace.

= Blue = Elephant

= powerful yet gentle.

6 = Purple = Cobra = magical,
mystical, inspirational.

7 = White = Lotus = purity, spiritual, wholesome.

8 = Black =
Night = rest, dream, healing.

9 = Silver = Moon = romantic, emotional.

= Gold = Sun = life-giving, energy, growth.

Numbers are easier to
remember if pictures and images trigger the recall.

A bank card pin number such
9725 could be recalled by imagining :

9 = a silver Moon,
is shining down on
7 a Lotus in a pond, and 2 a playful Dolphin leaps over it, then 5 an
sucks water and
sprays it over its back.

Dates can be remembered this
way if you use the number of the month.

And the system is very good
for long term recollection of a `phone number, especially if part of the number
can be identified with the personality type of the person you wish to recall …
is the person a
Dove, a Dolphin or a Bull

 When there are long
lists  to be remembered, it is very helpful to place each item in
turn,  upon a familiar object,  landmark or visualized

See an example of how this




If I was studying world religions and wanted to remember a list of them, I could link each
one to a visual object and then link it all together in a journey or story.

For example: I am enjoying a
tour of my town, and as I look at each item I
upon it a flag bearing the name of a religion. 

As I walk along I see my
wife =
, .I visualize `Islam` on the picture! 

and there are children flying
Kites =
Baha`I, I ride a Bicycle = Qabalah,

over a Rope Bridge
Pagan, I am chased by a Goat = Jainism,

eat a Bowl of Rice = Shaman, with Chopsticks = Gnosticism,

drink from a well = Taoism, look up and see Fireworks = Huna

hear the sound of a Gong = Shinto, walk to the Temple = Christianity,

see a statue of Buddha = Buddhism, go through a Golden
Gate =

into the Courtyard = Hinduism, to deliver a Message = Confucianism.

The journey method is very
effective and you may use your town, or your home and items in each room, in
fact anywhere at all that you can visualize with message bearing flags.

And you can put anything on
the flags. Numbers, dates, names of flowers, herbs, philosophers, writers,
artists, football players, foreign language words, even all 52 playing cards,
in fact anything at all.

Key words are also very good
… these are words that create a visual image in your minds eye that will help
you recall the complete line of a poem or song, or a list of names etc.,

Often the key word is all you
need to prompt the rest of the sentence or paragraph to spring to 

Its time now to see an
example of wonderful memory ability.






The Tibetan monk
asked for a volunteer from the audience.

I felt a sudden
impulse to go down, but the worry of looking foolish held me back. People
shifted in their seats awkwardly and smiled at each other, but no one

`In that case we
will have a roll of the dice` Kamana laughed, producing a dice from his pocket
and throwing it to the ground. `Two`, he called, then `One`, and then with a
final roll of the dice he called out `Seven`. Kamana shouted loud and clear `
will Simon Freeman in seat number 217, come to the stage please`.

There was no
getting out of it now, so I stood up, but as I went down the steps I called out
`How did you know my name` ?  All eyes turned to Kamana awaiting his
reply. `Your seat number` he said.

Then people began
to realize that as we had entered the hall, we had been asked to say our name
and seat number to his assistants, who wrote it down.

Suddenly, a man
stood up and shouted `I am seat number 97, what is my name`  `Ralph
Taylor`, answered Kamana instantly. There was cheering, and then shouts from
all over as everyone wanted to test him. `694`, `Sarah Hollows`, `156`, `Jeremy
Sokel`, `732`, `Tony Merritt`, `537`, `Linda Brennan` ….. after correctly
answering about 30 of them Kamana laughed and threw his arms up `stop … no
more please … enough` !

So my seat number
was incredibly the only clue Kamana had needed to know my name.

`Ladies and
gentlemen put your hands together for our brave young man Simon Freeman.` He
gestured to the chair and I sat down. Then he stepped back and stared intently
at me, his face beginning to beam with a huge smile of happy recognition. `I`ve
seen you before Simon` `I don’t think so I said. `Do you like poetry Simon?`
`Yes`, `Were you at the open air poetry event at Centre Park
last Sunday afternoon?` `Yes I was, how do you know that` `I was there too, and
I can remember seeing you in the crowd. You were sitting on the grass with some

I looked at the
audience to share my astonishment with them. `It`s true` I shouted `I was
there, but so were a few hundred other people as well.`

Kamana let the applause
subside and continued `from all the poems spoken on Sunday afternoon, was there
any particular poem that you enjoyed most of all Simon?` `Yes, I replied, It
would be the third poem, spoken by a lady with long dark hair.`

To my horror,
Kamana looked to the audience and said ` would you all like Simon to recite the
poem?` Of course they all said `yes`!

I can`t do it` I
pleaded with Kamana, `I can`t remember it.`

Kamana looked at
the audience in mock sadness `We are being unfair to Simon, the poem was said
only once, and that was a few days ago, but I was there too, I heard it, 
so let me have a try,  perhaps I can recall it`

He paused for a
little while, and then he began.

`It is from Mahmud
Shabistari, and it is called …God Wants The Heart.

Every particle of the world is a mirror,

in each atom lies the blazing light

of a thousand suns.

Cleave the heart of a rain – drop,

a hundred pure oceans will flow forth.

Look closely at a grain of sand,

the seed of a thousand beings can be seen.

Within the pulp of a millet seed

an entire universe can be found.

In the wing of a fly, an ocean of wonder;

In the pupil of the eye, an endless heaven.

Though the inner chamber of the heart is small,

The Lord of both worlds gladly makes His home there.

Then Kamana took a
bow to the applause.

`Was that the poem
that you heard Simon?` he said.` Yes` I replied.

`Did I say it
correctly?` `Yes`.

`If I had made
mistakes and said some of the words wrong, would you have realized it?` `Yes ,
even though I could not actually recall it well enough to speak it
myself,  I still somehow know that every word and phrase that you spoke
was  correct.`

`Well thank you
Simon, ladies and gentlemen lets please have a big cheer for Simon`.

I thought Kamana
had been amazing before I had gone to the stage, but now I was truly impressed.
He had recalled seeing me, after just a fleeting glance, while at an event
attended by hundreds of people. That was wonderful enough, but to be able,
several days after the event, to repeat a beautiful poem, having heard it only
once. !

This was an ability
I would dearly like to have. Now he really did have my full attention.

Kamana looked at
the audience and said `Now the point I am making, is that Simon actually has an
amazing memory.…… yes he does … he knew every word of that poem. However,
although the memory exists deep inside his mind,  in this instance he was
unable to fluently recall it. We all experience the same phenomenon when much
to our annoyance  we may not be able to properly sing the words of a song
we have heard many times before, but would nevertheless still be able to
instantly realize any errors should a musician sing and play it incorrectly.

Kamana began to
explain `We all know that anxiety is one of the factors, as this causes panic,
confusion and tension. In this mental state a student may `freeze` during a
important exam, and yet after the exam be able to recall all the answers that
should have been given.

So the problem is
caused by `wrong thinking.`

The main reason a
persons memory is prevented from functioning at its full potential … is wrong
thinking !

It begins in
childhood when we experience a few knocks to our confidence.

Up to that moment
our child’s imagination made the world a magical place. We had never ending
curiosity, a sense of wonder and a store of  joyful self invented stories.

Imagination is a
powerful thing. Evolution gave mankind imagination because it allows  us
to visualize different scenarios and possibilities. It allows us to think
creatively and inventively,  if we use it properly.

Imagination permits
us to visualize what may be the outcome to a situation.

But imagination is
not our mind, it is only an instrument. It is like a telescope with which to
see the horizon and the way ahead. However, when we look through a telescope our
vision is restricted. The telescope needs to be moved around in order to see
the wider view.

In the same way our
imagination can be focused on the wonder and beauty of life. Or it can be
focused on life’s misfortunes and tragedy.

A persons 
perception of what is happening in the world is  not based on `true 
facts,` but  on the thoughts and feelings  that are  felt at the
moment when events are happening. Being told that somewhere in the world a baby
is born every second, a person might think ` the world can`t cope, 
something needs to be done about the population explosion. Yet if we had just
been informed that our wife or daughter had just given birth to a much wanted
baby, then our thoughts, feelings and perception of this event would be completely

We perceive our own
version of life and `reality` through a mental `screen,` or `filter` that our
own mind has created.  True facts and events are  filtered and a
distorted version of our experiences  passes through our `mental screen`
and on into our mind to then be  compared with any recollections of 
similar  past experiences.  This is why it can be very difficult to
treat phobic fears and compulsions.

We each form our
own interpretations and emotional responses to events and experiences. Wonderful
music to one person may be unbearable noise to another.

How we each
interpret life  is  ten percent of what see and hear it to be, and
ninety percent of what we imagine and feel it to be.

In right thinking
we should see all the potential for positive good things to happen.

In wrong thinking
we begin to feel anxiety, we anticipate failure, and we begin to expect

Simon knew that
poem, and the only thing that prevented him from recalling it …. was self –
doubt. Simon does not fully believe in his abilities`.

Kamana gave me a reassuring look, and continued speaking to the
audience. `Simon may not think he has a good memory, but I believe he has. I
think that if Simon could absolutely believe in his abilities …. then he
would be able to remember his poems`.

Then addressing the
audience he said ` If Simon is willing to try it,  shall we do an
experiment …. shall we see if a little `zen meditation will unblock his
memories.` ?

And amid shouts of
`go on Simon, give it a try`. I got ready for my `zen`






The audience went
completely silent as the wonderful old Tibetan monk began to speak to me. 

His voice carried
authority and was loud enough for the crowd to hear, yet still it was softened
to a gentle and sympathetic tone.

 `Sit in the
chair Simon. `you are going to enjoy a little meditation to relax.  Now I
want you to take a deep breath … and exhale slowly .`

(This happened 10 times, during which time the musicians began to
play soft music with the flute.)  `Keep breathing deeply and breathing out
slowly Simon, and as you do so I want you to imagine yourself in the most
beautiful flower garden you have ever seen. It seems like you are in paradise.
Visualize yourself walking amongst   a most amazing array of flowers,
smell the wonderful fragrance, see the fine detail and texture of the petals,
be aware of all the vibrant colors. Notice on a petal that a drop of water is
sparkling in the sun, like a diamond, all the colors of the rainbow are beaming
out from that one drop of water`.

`Now` said Kamana
`try to imagine that you can see the  whole world in there, because 
that one drop of water is  the ocean of the Universe.`

Visualize the time
when the earth did not exist , and of the time in the future when the earth
will be gone.

All the living, the
joy, the suffering of all the worlds life forms will be as but a dream.

Your own problems,
disappointments and resentments will be meaningless and have no importance.

All material
possessions will turn to dust. Any  life spent striving to increase
ownership is a life wasted.

Your physical body
will return its elements to the Universe, but your spirit will live on.

For your spirit is
a child of the energy and essence that is the Universe.

You are in a living
experience in order to empower and enhance your spirit.

Life is cruel and
unfair .. it can be hell on earth .. yet it can also be loving, tender, amusing
and joyful.

You have a choice
in your living experience …

1. Fill your mind
with resentment and anger because life is unfair.


2. Fill your mind
with wonder at existence, and the joy, love, beauty, poetry, music and
friendship that is in the world.

Breath in the power of the Universe

Breath out self

Breath in confidence

Breath out feelings
of failure

Breath in a resolve to think positively

Breath out
resentment at the unfair world

Breath in the determination to succeed

Breath out the
desire to own more than you need

Breath in forgiveness

Breath out past
insults and humiliations

Breath in the wisdom to learn from your mistakes

Breath out regrets
and self blame

Breath in peace and harmony

Breath out all

Breath in the resolve to remember all that happens in your life.





The words of Kamana
began to work a strange magic in my mind.

could feel a change inside me as something wonderful began to happen.

I knew that I would never be the same again.

My mind was opening up and becoming receptive to a new way of
thinking about who I was, and of the new ways  that my life could be.

But Kamana knew
that I was not yet ready …..

He knew that 
so many years of self-doubt had weakened me.

To be absolutely
sure of my abilities, I needed to overcome all self doubt.

He had to prove to
me that I could become master of my own mind.




voice soothed me and reached out to help me.

`For many years you
have allowed negative thoughts and feelings to sap your confidence. We will
look at them now and see how damaging this wrong thinking can be.

. this causes
tension. Students may freeze during an exam, yet after the exam they can recall
all the answers they should have given.

. the same
thoughts keep circulating round and round in your mind. In this state it is not
possible to think, reason, or remember accurately.

. you are born
afraid.  It is your natural state to be always alert to danger and to be
prepared to run or fight. Be afraid, it can save your life, but learn how to
use it,  don`t let it control you. You must be the master of your fears.

. you heap
blame and recrimination upon yourself. Your mind is set on self
punishment.  You think to yourself `I always make a mess of things`, or `Why
did I do that?`

. you have
little expectation of success. You don`t want to raise your hopes in case they
are dashed. You talk yourself into failure, saying to yourself  `there,
see, I knew I would not be able to do it !`

Self Esteem
because of wrong thinking you often compare what you consider to be your
failings,  with other peoples success, ability, talent, and popularity.
This causes you to have  times when you don`t like yourself much, and you
convince yourself that others must surely feel the same way about you.

. you
sometimes tell yourself that you just have not got enough aim or ambition to
succeed. But this is not true …it`s  still there … but you allow those
negative thoughts to destroy your  self belief.  The ambition is
there but the confidence is not, and so you procrastinate and day dream your
life away.

you switch off as the subject gets involved or complicated.

. when
listening to someone talking you are too busy thinking of a reply, or you
daydream, therefore you cannot remember what was said. 

You feel that life on earth is merely the result of a freak chemical reaction.
That you will just live, die and be  forgotten. There is no reason, no
point to it all. Living is  just trying to get the maximum pleasures, with
the minimum of  pain and suffering. 



All these self
destructive thoughts  prevent you from thinking clearly, and from 
taking an interest and remembering all that is happening. 

These are the
thoughts that prevent you from really enjoying your life to the full Simon.

And you are not
alone with your self destructive thoughts, because all normal people suffer
from them at times.

But for you Simon,
the wrong thinking is going to be a thing of the past, because now you are
going to learn how to overcome it once and for all.

No longer will you
allow negative thoughts to spoil your enjoyment of life.

You will resist them and fight them off. You will feel a powerful
confidence deep inside you.  From this day forward you will become master
of your own mind. And you will begin to live your life in a new and exciting

You have the power
of magic in your mind Simon. It has always been there, ever since you were a

And now I am going
to show you how to use this power.`





Kamana smiled
reassuringly at me, his face like that of an old farmer, the skin tough,
wrinkled and weathered in the harsh Tibetan mountains, and yet his eyes
shone  brightly, so full of energy.

And so full of
laughter, as if he was finding life wonderfully amusing. Yes, that was it, that
was his secret, the magical thing that kept him so young … he found life `fun`.

This is what he was
trying to tell us here today … that life is a gift, life is something to
treasure ….

And every moment of
it is worth ….

Remembering !!!

`Stand up Simon` he
said `stand up and tell the audience a poem.` I shook my head, `No I can`t do
it, I`m  sorry but I  just don`t remember.`

Kamana took
something from his pocket and gave it to me.

It was a little
pouch made of Tibetan material.

When I was your age
I had to do what you must do now Simon. I had to speak before a huge crowd …
and I was afraid that I would fail.

It was then that my
master gave me this magic memory pouch.

He told me `Inside
every man there is the child he once was. And the child within will always
remember the times when the world had seemed full of magical things.

Yet as he grows
older he will be told that this is not so, and that there is no magic.

But this he will
never accept,  for as a child there were so many things in the world that
had seemed or felt magical …. and so he will always believe in magic .`

Kamana then said to
me `There is a child within you too Simon.

And that child
wants to believe in magic.

No, it is much more
than this, 
feeling is  far greater than wanting, … the child that is within us all
……. NEEDS to believe in magic.

Such a need is very
powerful … and you can always use this power to overcome anxiety and self

Kamana put his hand
on my shoulder and his words reassured me `hold the magic- pouch Simon, and
think back to the poetry in the park.

Holding the Tibetan
magic memory pouch , I shut my eyes and cast my mind back to the music and
poetry reading event at the park. I could see my friends sitting near me, and I
could almost feel the grass on my fingers. There were hundreds of people here,
and such a wonderful atmosphere. In fact, it was a perfect summers day.

My attention was
drawn to sudden laughter, and I turned my head to see an elderly oriental
gentleman, dressed rather like a Tibetan monk. He was saying something to the
people around him .. and they all laughed merrily.

Musicians came to
the stage and played a few of my  favorite songs.

And then a young
woman , dressed in hippy clothes and wearing flowers in her hair, stood
up,  smiled happily at the people gathered around, and began to recite

I opened my eyes
and there was Kamana, smiling and nodding as though he knew exactly what was
happening inside my head. `Ladies and gentlemen ` he shouted, `Simon would like
to recite a poem.`


I held the Tibetan
memory pouch and summoned up all my self – belief `I want so much to be able to
remember everything, I will trust  the power that is in this memory charm,
I will allow the child within me to believe in the magic. I believe – I believe
– I believe.`

And then
miraculously … the words began to flow from me …

Ladies and
gentlemen, I can recall a wonderful poem and I would like to share it with you
now, it is called `Tao The King` by Lao Tzu.


There was something formless yet complete

That existed before heaven and earth;

Without sound, without substance,

Dependent on nothing, unchanging,

All pervading, unfailing,

One may think of it as the Mother of all things under heaven

Its true name we do not know


Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.

The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same,

Every wonderful sight will vanish, every sweet word will fade,

But do not be disheartened,

The source they come from is eternal, growing,

Branching out, giving new life and new joy,

Why do you weep?

The source is within you

And this whole world is springing up from it.


I have just three things to teach:

Simplicity, patience, compassion.

These three are your greatest treasures.

Simple in actions and thoughts,

you return to the source of being.

Patient with both friends and enemies,

You accord with the way things are.

Compassionate toward yourself,

You reconcile all beings in the world.








I was a different
person after meeting that wonderful old Tibetan monk. 

When I think about
it I get to see how right he was. Each person is born with different abilities.
Some are naturally gifted and can from an early age demonstrate astonishing
skills with art, music or mathematics.  As for myself, I know that I am
just average intelligence, born  with no special abilities. Indeed, I feel
sure that I would have failed at University were it not for my chance meeting
with  Kamana Lasang.  If you get right down to it, I suppose you
could say that Kamana only gave me a `pep` talk. Got me thinking about what I
wanted to do with my life, and what I was capable of doing. But I know it was
far,  far more than that. It was as though his belief in me lit a candle
inside my heart.

He showed me the
way. And I don`t mean showed me  where to go or what to do. No, what
Kamana did was to show me how to feel about living. He lit a candle inside me
that burned with a passion for living,  for making life an adventure and a
joy,  for experiencing all that the world had to offer,  for not
being afraid to `have a go`. He was able to prove to me that if I had absolute
belief in myself, then I could master my memory.

 Just average
intelligence but a brilliant memory can take you a long way in this life. I was
able to become fluent in several languages, be very successful in my career,
travel the world and enjoy lots of friendships, and be blessed with a loving
family. I think I owe  all my success to that wonderful old Tibetan monk.

And I will tell you
now, I still have my beautiful little Tibetan memory charm, and I use it
whenever I want to be sure of remembering things. Kamana  was absolutely
right when he said that we all have magic in our





How to use the amazing Tibetan remember charm.

The charm should be
kept in your pocket or bag. Every time a name, date,  fact, or item of
conversational interest occurs,  project a memory of it onto your spell

Almost as if it
were a `mental tape recorder`

At the end of each
day,  find a quiet moment and recall the memories that you have put into
the charm.

This may sound time
consuming, yet it really only takes 5 minutes.

After all you will
be doing it at the speed of thought !

As just a few days
go by it will become a habit, and will no longer seem like you are having to
make any special effort.

By the third week
you will begin to congratulate yourself, and feel pleased about being able to
instantly recall a persons name, or be in a social situation and enjoy talking
about some relevant and amusing items of conversation that have remained fresh
in your memory.

Within a few months
you will have a memory better than any you could have dreamed of.



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